Who am I?

Molly Michelle Smith


I am a game enthusiast and artist living in Seattle, WA. I love making dice!

Ideas for new designs keep me up at night, and I take great care in all aspects of the dice making process. I have been making dice for approximately one year, and I plan to continue for as long as I enjoy it. It has been really nice to see the community response to my dice, and it brings me joy to see my dice go to happy homes.

Nobody else works here. My life partner, Ben Hayes, sometimes helps me with the heavy lifting (literally) and provides moral support when the dice aren’t cooperating. My cat, Breya, often assists by testing dice to see if they will break when rolled off the table, boosts morale by being cute, and makes sure I take frequent breaks to give her the attention she deserves.

I have a personal site at www.mollymichellesmith.com where you can view my other art projects and read my sporadic blog posts.